True Healthcare Requires a Free Market

Last week’s blog post dealt with the health crisis we are witnessing in the developed world and the role the State-granted pharmaceutical monopoly plays in this crisis. Rather than dwell on how or why healthcare (or what passes for it these days) has gotten progressively worse over time however, let’s instead focus on how we might solve the crisis. How would a free market do better?

Free Market HealthcareReally all one has to do to find the answer to that question is a little research. An abundance of information on preventative measures and cures for all of the most serious diseases of affluence (e.g. cancer, heart disease, diabetes) we are seeing today is available online, hidden in plain sight. Unfortunately, most practicing physicians will not tell you about alternative forms of treatments or nutritional approaches, as they are not exposed to any – or very little – of that information themselves in medical school. Consequently, they tend to opt either for drugs or scalpels. “Sir, I’m afraid your cholesterol is a little high. But don’t worry, just take this statin drug and you’ll be fine! Once you come down with cognitive problems, diabetes or muscle pain we’ll get you another prescription for that!”  If your doctor tells you that, there is a good chance he or she has no clue that there are many natural ways to lower your cholesterol if you even wanted to do so. Yet he will be more than happy to write you a prescription for a statin drug, especially if he needs to make a little extra money in bribes to take his family on that long-awaited vacation to Honolulu this summer!

The sad truth of the matter is that many so-called “terminally ill” people are needlessly suffering and dying and ignorant people (probably well-meaning but ignorant nonetheless) are still filling the coffers of Big Pharma, “running for the cure” or “raising awareness”. Funneling more money into a system that is broken beyond repair does not help anyone. What good is “early detection” if the subsequent treatment involves poisoning your body, thereby making cancer worse and triggering tumor growth?

Luckily there are much safer, holistic alternatives out there with little or no side effects. Dr. Max Gerson developed the now famous Gerson Therapy ninety years ago to help treat and cure a variety of degenerative diseases such as lupus, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer. Rather than introducing toxic chemicals into the body, this therapy is all about removing those toxins through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. The treatment does not rely on removing tumors or lopping off perfectly healthy body parts (are you listening, Angelina Jolie?!) or radiation that creates cancer cells 30 times more potent than regular cancer cells.

Thanks to the internet, other success stories of nutritional approaches to combat supposed chronic diseases such as diabetes are only a few clicks away, much to the chagrin of the medical “authorities”. But the genie is out of the bottle, as evidenced by the growing health food movement currently sweeping the globe, as well as increased awareness of the crimes of Monsanto and the like.

Needless to say, the free market in and of itself does not solve any problems in a literal, physical sense. Rather it acts as a conduit, providing the platform for the innovative thinking and imagination of the human mind to solve problems and make our lives better. Still, this fact alone already sets it apart from the crony capitalist/corporatist system we live under today.

Benito Mussolini, in his “Doctrine of Fascism”, described fascism as the merger of the State and corporations – the “Corporate State” -, an apt description of the system as it has been set up in most of the world. To (attempt to) socialize such a system would be to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. When left to their own devices, human beings will naturally start looking for real cures and change their lifestyles to prevent and treat disease rather than entrusting their well-being with pharmaceutically conflicted “healthcare professionals” ordered around from the top down by bought-and-paid-for politicians.

When that day comes we will know what true health freedom is. The choices you make today will determine whether you will be on the winning team.


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