Monsanto: Poster Child of Corporatism (Part II)

My last blog post summed up some of the risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) foreseen by some even prior to the introduction of GMOs into the food supply. Since going over all of the risks could easily turn this blog entry into a book, I would advise those interested in learning more about the issue to visit the Institute for Responsible Technology’s website for more information. For now, suffice it to say that a recent landmark study involving lab rats exposed just some of the long-term effects of consuming genetically engineered foods, including but not limited to premature death, severe organ damage and massive, horrifying tumors. This, by the way, is the sort of study that has never been conducted to unequivocally show the safety of eating GM foods. You read that right; to this day there has not been a single impartial (i.e. non-Monsanto funded) study providing solid evidence to back up the claim that these Frankenfoods are “as safe as natural foods”.

So let’s be clear: the very existence of genetically modified crops on planet Earth is arguably the biggest Stop GMOthreat mankind faces in modern times; orders of magnitude bigger than the bogus global warming scare or the latest phony flu pandemic scare. As shown by the recent genetic pollution of conventional U.S.-grown wheat, genetically modified food crops can and do escape even when grown experimentally, as was the case in Oregon. Never mind the GM crops being grown out in the open such as corn, soy, cotton, canola, potatoes and sugar beets.

On that fateful day when sanity returns to a critical mass of people and it dawns upon them that Monsanto has been playing God with our food, we might come to find out that it is already too late. After all, undoing the damage is not as easy as just issuing a worldwide recall. Now that genetically modified seeds have been flying through the air cross-pollinating conventional crops for decades, who’s to say there’s still a corn kernel or sugar beet left on the planet that is completely free of genetic pollution?

Hopefully nature will somehow find a way of repairing the damage and prove that prediction to be incorrect, but there are no guarantees. The first thing to be done when the genetically modified chickens come home to roost, though, is to prosecute the perpetrators of this sick genetic experiment. Aiding and abetting the enemies of creation is a despicable and intolerable act of aggression against all mankind that cannot go unpunished. All the debate over the labeling or outlawing of genetically altered products will pale in comparison to the outrage that will be visited upon the biotech industry when the truth comes to light. Until that time the industry and its cronies in government will frantically continue to try to keep the genie in the bottle – which is all the more motivation for people like myself to shine the light of truth on the matter.

Finally, here’s a reality check for those who would rush to Monsanto’s defense in the name of capitalism or freedom. The biggest discreditors of liberty and free enterprise today are not the socialists or communists arguing for the total abolition of the free market and the establishment of a centrally planned economy. As believers in centralized force, fraud and coercion they would never make an honest attempt at advocating for freedom, let alone profess a belief in it.

Rather, the biggest discreditors of the message of freedom today are the Big Business apologists, the defenders of corporatism who would dare call themselves freedom lovers. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothes who will defend the likes of Monsanto tooth and nail and side with those that have bought and paid for congresses and parliaments the world over a long time ago. There is no excuse for that level of ignorance and dishonesty, so whenever you come across one of them, please ask that they get educated and stop making fools of themselves. Those of us who are serious about freedom will thank you for it.


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