Is the EU Setting Up Its Own Military-Industrial Complex?

Is the EU setting up its own military-industrial complex?

Not to be outdone by the National Security Agency from across the pond, the European Union  is planning to own and operate spy drones, surveillance satellites and aircraft, according to a recent Commission report entitled “A New Deal for European Defense”.  EU foreign policy chief and vice-president of the European Commission Baroness Catherine Ashton will be at the helm of a new intelligence and security agency, representing yet another unprecedented step toward a “United States of Europe”.

European Soviet UnionJust how bold of a move this constitutes is indicated by the words of Barroso, President of the European Commission: “The Commission is playing its part: we are working towards a single defense market” Make no mistake the assets deemed necessary for EU security and defense policies will be “directly purchased, owned and operated by the Union”[1]. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland are reportedly backing the plans which also include space surveillance and tracking, governmental/military satellite communications, cyber security, protection of external borders, maritime surveillance, crisis management and the monitoring of the “openness of Member States’ defense markets”. The establishment of a “civil-military cooperation group” to further “detection technologies and methods to counter improvised explosive devices and other devices” is another priority set forth in the report.

Though the plans were portrayed by some as being the EU response to the NSA spying scandal, the report outlines another reason: Brussels was worried sick about national budget constraints, and so they apparently chose to latch onto the opportunity for further centralization of power under the guise of cost-cutting and “European co-operation”. It’s funny how words like “harmonization” and “co-operation” keep emanating from this authoritarian behemoth whose boots are incessantly stomping on the security and liberties of the people in whose name it pretends to be doing all of these things.

Clearly the European Union is shaping up to be the modern-day Soviet Union, only more powerful and technologically advanced. To understand where these people are coming from, consider the fact that some of the most frequently used words in the report are “control”, “monitor” and “policy”. Despite ample attempts by crafty word smiths to sugarcoat the language with phrases like “the Commission will promote..” and “incentivize” or “encourage the use of..”, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is really going on: the EU is flexing its muscles dictating its will to the member states and the people therein. Business as usual.

Insofar as European and U.S. intelligence agencies weren’t already working hand in glove – ostensibly to ensure “security” – the European leviathan is seizing the opportunity to recreate the East-German Staatsicherheit (Stasi), only with more advanced technology that tracks your every move and listens in on every conversation. 1984 clearly was taken to be an instruction manual by the men in dark suits in Brussels.

So far Europe, with all its different nation states and governments, has not seen a U.S.-style military-industrial complex buying up politicians to wage perpetual war and using taxpayer money to bomb civilians halfway across the world. But if the control-freak “leaders” get their way and a massive, continental military industry arises, it is not far-fetched to predict a European military-industrial complex will develop.

It might not be too long before we hear from a Snowden-like whistleblower on the Old Continent.

[1] A New Deal for European Defense: Towards a more competitive and efficient defense and security sector, European Commission report, July 2013. p. 17. Available at


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